The Commodore 64 or C64


The Commodore 64 is a 8 bit home computer that was made by Commodore International in January 1982. Production started in Spring of 1982, then was put for sale in August, which was sold for $595 US dollars. It is commonly known as the C64 as C=64. During the C64's lifetime, sales totalled between 12.5 and 17 million units, making it the best-selling single personal computer model of all time. Between 1983 to 1986 C64's were selling at the rate of 2 million computers per year, which out sold the The Atari 8 bit Family Computers and the IBM PC's. When Sam Tramiel, a later Atari president and the son of Commodore's founder, said in a 1989 interview "When I was at Commodore we were building 400,000 C64s a month for a couple of years."

A part of the C64's success was because the C64 was sold in retail stores not electroninc stores.

Approximately 10,000 commercial software titles were made for the Commodore 64 including development tools, office productivity applications, and games.