In chat you can talk to other users, however for the safety of users on the chat there must be rules.

When on chat, porn is allowed only in Private Messages and when the other user is willing to accept it. If you are sent porn and did not request it, report the username of the person who sent the porn to either None or Nelfen. If you have been reported, either None or Nelfen will contact you to get your side of the story. A decision will be made as to whether the user reported will be banned or not. Bans in this instance consist of a 1 week exclusion from chat. Chat Moderators can report users.

No spamming; anyone who has been caught spamming will receive a 3 day ban from chat.

No racism; anyone found being racist will get a one week ban from chat.

No flamewars; if a flamewar occurs, all those involved in the flamewar will receive a 3 day ban except the user who lit the flame, whose ban will be 1 week long.

Do not post disturbing images, videos or PAIN images. it is a 1 week ban to do so.